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Being frugal is a mindset, not a lifestyle

Many people struggling with debt wonder what they should do to rescue their financial state. But, the key to cutting costs starts with your mindset, not your actions.

Here’s how your outlook impacts your spending habits.

Needs, not wants

The best money-savers can instantly identify things that they need and things that they want. In fact, every time you are presented with an opportunity to spend or save, you should start asking yourself whether you need to buy the item or simply want it.

By recognizing when purchases are “wants,” rather than “needs,” it’s easier to see your opportunities to save money.

Have less, be more

Once you’re in the habit of differentiating between things you want and things you need, your next step is to start rejecting the things you want. This can be the most challenging step for big spenders because many people who overspend equate their purchases with happiness.

Adopting a mindset that encourages you to find joy in non-material things can save you money and make you less emotionally dependent on consumerism. One way to do this is to explore new hobbies and expand your skillset. These activities may help you achieve personal success and happiness in place of shopping.

The action you can take

Shifting your views can help you live happily with less. However, there is still one thing you can do if you’re already in too deep to pay off your debt.

By filing for bankruptcy, you can get a fresh start on your finances after taking on this new outlook on spending. Bankruptcy protection can keep your past mistakes from disrupting your new lifestyle by wiping your debt out. An attorney can help guide you through which type of bankruptcy protection you qualify for and how it can help you get back on your feet.

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