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What happens to your debt when you pass away?

If you are in debt, it may seem like the weight of it is following you around wherever you go. Does this ring true when you pass away? You may be wondering, “what happens to my debt when I die?”

If you think you may be in debt when you pass, you are not the only one. Reports show that over 70 percent of Americans are in debt when they die. Many individuals had debt of student loans, car loans and credit card debt remaining.

What can filing for bankruptcy actually do for me?

Managing your finances can be difficult and everyone is vulnerable to unexpected expenses. Maybe you suffered an accident and have piling medical bills or maybe you have too much credit card debt.

You might have heard filing for bankruptcy can help you out of your problems, but do you know what actually happens when you file? How can bankruptcy really help you with your financial troubles?

Will my children inherit my debt?

Estate planning helps us make decisions to secure our assets and make matters easier on our children and loved ones after we pass.

However, if you have debt, you may worry that your passing will put an emotional and financial burden on your children. Here are a few ways that the debt of a person who has passed is handled in Arizona.

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