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Judge Law Firm is an established and successful Tucson bankruptcy law firm serving the surrounding area. We address your personal or commercial bankruptcy issues with simplicity, confidentiality and understanding. Whether you are considering filing bankruptcy or want to learn more about debt relief options, we offer you the patience and reassurance you need to identify proper solutions for an intelligent financial plan. Anyone considering bankruptcy in Tucson should consult an attorney first. Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a court-based process designed to get you back on good economic standing, however, it is not something to be considered lightly.

Is Chapter 7 The Right Option For You?

Chapter 7 is part of the federal statutes regarding the nation's bankruptcy code. Sometimes it is referred to as liquidation bankruptcy because the court may have to sell some of your property to pay off your creditors. If you're overwhelmed by credit card debt, medical bills or other issues, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an effective remedy, but it's not available to everyone. The Tucson bankruptcy lawyers of the Judge Law Firm will provide you with the bankruptcy advice and bankruptcy services you need.

Consolidation and reorganization are terms you may hear when people discuss Chapter 13. Perhaps your income was too high for a Chapter 7 filing, but you still face problems with your home mortgage or car payments. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your best choice because it allows for more options to solve your monetary crises. Work with the Judge Law Firm to identify if Chapter 13 is an effective route to pursue.

Most people have a conversational knowledge of Chapter 11, because it is typically used for business bankruptcies and restructuring. Chapter 11 is much more complex than Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy and can require a larger monetary commitment for filing. If you find yourself pondering various bankruptcy choices, let the Judge Law Firm be your guide.

Learn About Your Best Debt Relief Options

Sometimes bankruptcy is not the best solution. Explore debt relief alternatives such as negotiating with creditors, creating a new budget and more.

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