Tucson Bankruptcy Law Firm Can Stop Debt Collector Harassment & Protect Your Property

Turn to Tucson bankruptcy lawyer Jeffrey P. Judge and Judge Law Firm when you need to stop wage garnishment, home foreclosure, bank account garnishment and other nasty debt collection efforts. When you enter bankruptcy protection under the guidance of the Judge Law Firm, all debt collection efforts are required to stop by law.

If you're being harassed by debt collectors because you can't make all your payments with the income you receive, Mr. Judge and the Judge Law Firm can help. There are few things more frightening than having creditors threaten to take your wages, your home, your car, your savings — just because some misfortune of circumstance has left you without the income you need. In a case like this, if you live in Arizona or Tucson, bankruptcy may be the solution you need.

When you enter bankruptcy protection, collectors must stop wage garnishment and all other collection activities. Mr. Judge is an expert on filing for bankruptcy. He will help you quickly assess whether bankruptcy is the right option for you, which type of bankruptcy you need to file ( Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) and take the first steps to filing for bankruptcy so that creditors stop hounding you.

Our Tucson bankruptcy firm goes beyond just filing bankruptcy for you. We also help you develop a plan that will protect your property so creditors and debt collectors don't take everything. Some bankruptcy filers lose their home and other property unnecessarily because they or their attorney don't take steps to protect it. Mr. Judge's expertise, experience and attention to detail make sure your assets are protected. Bankruptcy isn't supposed to leave you with nothing; you're supposed to have enough assets and income to get a fresh start. Judge Law Firm will make sure that's the case.

Arizona And Tucson Bankruptcy Filers Get A Fresh Start In A Strong Financial Position

Bankruptcy is about more than just getting a break from creditors. When you enter bankruptcy protection, your debts will be discharged or reorganized so that you have a chance to start fresh with a debt-to-income ratio that is more manageable and far less stressful.

Our goal is to help you make intelligent, educated decisions about your finances so you won't end up in the same place again. Bankruptcy is a part of the solution — it gives you a fresh start and removes the stress of debt collectors. With planning and some education, you can move toward a debt-free lifestyle. Judge Law Firm can help you get the advice you need to get ahead.

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